Integrated, Effective Repositioning of People, Purpose and Processes

To Bring Out The Best In Leaders And Organizations

With a career steeped in ever-evolving technologies, throughout her professional life, Diane has experienced tech’s new normal reinvented daily. For over twenty years she has worked with diverse enterprises on three continents. Her ability to understand and overcome broad cultural differences, both micro and macro, are a decided advantage to her clients.

She works with individual leaders and their organizations to fully optimize the human capital behind innovation, making them the very best they can be, to naturally sustain performance with a measurable return on their investment.

Nothing Substitutes for Time in the Trenches

Boasting remarkable professional certifications and accreditations in coaching and consulting, a virtual alphabet soup of acronyms could follow Diane Chang’s name, attesting to her mastery in these fields, but in Diane’s mind what matters most is hands-on experience: Senior management expertise honed from the trenches to the boardroom for top software, consulting, technology and investment management companies around the world; Johannesburg to Toronto, Chicago to Los Angeles to New York City. Invaluable opportunities to teach, train, test and prove techniques and theories in the real business world by blending latest innovations with old school best practices.

Reimagining the Future of Your Organization

It’s one thing to make such an ambitious statement, but quite another to deliver it. The passion to unleash the power and potential of people is what drives Diane Chang’s quest to discover each client’s key to personal optimization. She also practices what she teaches, refusing to settle for what’s she’s done, laser-focused on what can be done. Equipped with exceptional tools, augmented with deep experience, and a non-negotiable commitment to delivering value. Proven leadership and cross-functional development, enhanced by mutual respect, participant trust and support. From pilot projects to multi-disciplinary team projects, built around you, your organization and culture.

What You Can Expect and Don't Have to Fear

You’ll find a kindred spirit that’s been there and understands technical skills can only take us so far. For every company, the path to a stronger and more secure future rests in its people and its culture. Your organizational best requires exceptional leaders with the people skills to inspire their teams. Despite proven truths and tested techniques that Diane endorses and practices, she believes that there isn’t one right way, only the way that’s right for you and your company. Focusing on your Why not just your What, to unleash the potential of your leaders to take teams to greater heights by recalibrating your culture to support and achieve organizational and personal optimization.

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