Customized Solutions Crafted to Client Needs

Integrated Tools To Achieve Defined Goals

Forget a one-size-can’t-possibly-fit-all template that ramps-up enthusiasm but fades on your way out the door. Diane’s approach isn’t rinse and repeat, but discovery and exploration; her methodology is skillfully designed and flawlessly executed. Every project is unique, and strategically crafted to flourish in a culture of co-creation sustained by coownership where everyone takes responsibility.


Discovery interviews are only the beginning. As no two clients are alike, together we select from a diverse toolbox to provide us with a deeper, more tangible understanding of individuals and organization culture.

The outcomes are designed to be anonymous and unfiltered to gain honest insights into individual and collective perspectives, and this allows us to do it without seeking blame.


Confidential interviews where people can feel comfortable and secure to speak freely is an essential first step. To help we must first understand, and doing it thoughtfully makes everything possible. Individuals feel more personally engaged, know their perspectives are valued and that there is an opportunity for them to be part of something truly transformational.


We select from proven tools based on neuroscience and tested in the field to meet discovery objectives. Conversational Intelligence® Tools identify patterns of conversational impact and engagement that enhance or erode trust in the workplace. Hogan Assessments are designed to assist in hiring, selecting, and retaining talent, while Energy Leadership Index is a unique and revealing attitudinal assessment.

Group Workshops

Interactive workshops tailored to company objectives, challenges and team-building. You’ll be amazed at how a few hours delivers actionable takeaways and renewed purpose and accomplishment.

Choose from client favorites listed below, or, based upon our Discovery Findings, we’ll customize a workshop to identify the specific challenges and root causes we’ve identified together.

Leading Successful Teams

Bringing together different personalities, skills and perspectives aligned to common goals in 7 defined steps. For new teammates and seasoned veterans, help to attract talent, develop teams, improve engagement, and reenergize and commit. Available onsite and in varying lengths customized to client needs, challenges, objectives and budget.

Conversational Intelligence®

A breakthrough in approach, tools and applications used in conjunction with traditional methods capturing the power of how we speak, listen, engage, learn and motivate. C-IQ is a game-changer and how the next generation of great leaders will build trust, empower teams, and confidently achieve extraordinary results they’ll sustain today, tomorrow, next week and next year.

Individual Coaching

Coaching engagements are uniquely tailored and designed around both individual and organizational goals, working together to bring out your very best and achieve goals.

1-on-1 Coaching

Like coaches guiding professional athletes to their full potential, it begins with teaching leaders to look within, to refine their strengths and play within them, understanding their abilities and limitations. Teaching leaders to acquire talent, retain it and lead their teams with passion and purpose, overcoming challenges from budget to time, resources to burn-out and more.

Designed for executives, managers and leaders, with individual coaching sessions to overcome barriers and obstacles. Finding meaning in work and becoming better leaders with greater engagement, flexibility and comfort with their individual style and environment, by accentuating professional and personal strengths, values and future objectives.


For groups large and small, Diane is available to speak on leadership topics tailored to your objectives, challenges and budget. Count on engagement that entertains, motivates and inspires.

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