Practicing What I Teach

Integrated Leadership That Transforms Potential

Prepared for evolving business drivers, priorities and requirements, learning by doing isn’t news, but how clients are able to apply what they learn, is. By integrating leadership development and cultural conversations within projects that changes everything, the impossible becomes possible.

Diane’s method has defined steps, and while all are custom-tailored to the individual realities of each unique engagement, their continuity and transparency attests to my commitment to indeed practice what she teaches. She offer it as insight into what to expect, as together you find the path to optimizing team and organizations.


Fresh Insights

This entails two complementary but different elements.

First, confidential interviews to gain different perspectives on what’s holding your people and organization back, and on what can be done to remove roadblocks.

Then, tools designed to uncover current health and future potential of your organization’s culture, interpersonal dynamics, and leadership potential.


Tangible Shared Vision

An all too common inhibitor of success is the assumption that each person imagines the same end-state vision for themselves and their key initiatives.

By facilitating the process towards a clear and shared vision, we develop a tangible blueprint that everyone can get excited about because they’ve contributed to it and believe in it.


Roadmap to Success

The path to optimization requires thoughtful and strategic prioritization. To reach MVP – Maximum Value Potential – for your organization, people, products, and services, we develop a roadmap and plan that is clear, attainable, and adaptable to ever-changing needs.


Real-time Transformation

Hands-on coaching plays a pivotal role, acting as a catalyst in energizing individuals and teams to create and realize their organization and personal vision and roadmap.

Transformations towards excellence happen because we identify tangible areas for improvement and their solutions in real-time.


Validation & Refinement

We eliminate guesswork but support experimentation, identifying the data points that confirm and affirm as they guide and motivate.

Clear evidence and benefits validate commitment, as personal ownership achieves richly enhanced relationships of trust across all organizational levels in a unified culture without fear of repercussion but with comfort and confidence.


Sustainable Success

Possible by achieving enhanced relationships and trust across all the levels and teams of the organization. In a unified culture that is modeled and embraced daily, everyone takes ownership. Your organization becomes a continuously improving work in progress and when stakeholders at every level believe in the process, course correction occurs as a matter of course.

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